On the name “Southern Cameroons”

Southern Cameroonians are citizens of the former British Southern Cameroons, currently North-West and South-West Regions of the Republic of Cameroon, sometimes referred to as “Anglophones” or “Ambazonians”. The Coalition has decided to use the United Nations recognized appellation: Southern Cameroons or Southern Cameroonians.

A Worsening Armed Conflict

3+ years of escalating Armed Conflict

12,000+ civilians killed

500+ Villages burnt down

> 900,000 Internally displaced persons

> 50,000 Registered Refugees

Why Organize an International Conference on the Armed Conflict in Southern Cameroons?

Since the outbreak of conflict in Cameroon prominent leaders such as His Eminence Christian Cardinal Tumi and His Lordship Justice Ayah Paul Abine have called for a conference to bring together all Southern Cameroonians to exchange views and establish a dominant position. The Government of Cameroon has unfortunately prevented the holding of the Anglophone General Conference. As the conflict escalates, it is clear that such a conference uniting Southern Cameroonians cannot take place in Cameroon thus the need to have a conference abroad in a partner country.

The Conference has two main goals:

  1. Engage all segments and professionals of Southern Cameroon origin to establish the majority view on the pathway to a permanent negotiated solution, and
  2. Develop a detailed framework for a robust post-conflict reconstruction.

Major Stakeholder Groups

Some Conference Speakers and Delegates

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Countdown to Conference

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Working Groups

The Conference has Seven (7) Working Groups. Each Working Group is divided into Sub-Groups made up of technical experts around the world who will work to provide key recommendations in each specific area. Conference delegates will join a particular Working Group based on expertise and experience.

The Conference and Working Groups will like to hear from Southern Cameroonians across the world. Submit a document or contribution to any of the Working Groups.

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Reports that Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield @LindaT_G will be President Biden's UN Ambassador are good news for Africa. She will be the first American UN Ambassador to fully understand Africa, and she will work well with Africa's three governments on the UN Security Council.

Full report of the just ended #SouthernCameroons International Conference now published. Thank you all for the strong and diverse participation. Hard work ahead to #EndAnglophoneCrisis

Full Report👉 https://bit.ly/392OUW0

Conference Resolutions 👉https://bit.ly/3fgD245

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Full report of the just ended #SouthernCameroons International Conference now published. Thank you all for the strong and diverse participation. Hard work ahead to #EndAnglophoneCrisis

Full Report👉 https://t.co/IAtTwZYsi9

Conference Resolutions 👉 https://t.co/qPrrhton5E https://t.co/0ur1tBLRbq
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“The humanitarian impact is already immense and it will only worsen if fighting continues. Something must change.”- Ambassador Deborah Malachis @deb_malac

#SCameroonsConference https://t.co/X8bXT24bcA
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“There is a need for trust and accountability from all sides to negotiate in good faith, what they call “pacta sunt servanda”. Your coalition says it all. It is about dialogue and negotiations. This is the path.”-Amb. Mulamula @LMulamula

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