David Otto Endeley, MSc, CMAS,

CT Director – Global Risk International (GRI) Ltd

David Otto is the CT Director of Global Risk International (GRI) Ltd and founder of the P/CVE Programme – Step In Step Out (SISO) Glocal. David’s Work focuses on consultation for the design, implementation, & evaluation of short, medium- and long-term AT/CT and Organised Crime programs for governments, NGOs and private organisations within a framework objective of prevent, manage and resolve. A specialised expertise on the dynamics between the West, Middle East and Africa in relation to CT vulnerabilities, political Instability, insurgencies and Organised Crime solutions. He is frequently invited by governments and NGOs including the UN, NATO, Interpol, US DoD, as an expert , guest, practitioner, trainer and academic to train, share his knowledge and experience on AT/CT & Organised Crime solution strategies. He has presented on national proactive intervention initiatives within local communities, national security sectors and prison settings.

David regularly appears , writes opinion reports and comments on global news channels CNN, Fox News, Aljazeera, BBC World , BBC Focus on Africa, TRT News , Sputnik, VOX Africa, Arise News ,Channel TV, …as an international expert and Analyst on matters related to Anti Terrorism, Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime. His work is published, and features in international newspapers, social media –CNN, Fox News, Sputnik, IBTIMES, VoA, Daily News UK, Sun Newspaper, Awake Africa, Africa Voices etc. David holds a BA (Hons) in Law and Criminology; Master of Science (MSc) in Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime; He is a Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CAS) & Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CMAS) with ATAB. He is also a Certified Level 2 Prevent and Safeguarding Trainer in the UK. He holds a specialist certificate in Field Criminalistics & criminal science. He supports Global peace efforts as the Africa representative for Pave the Way Foundation.