Terrence Lyons, Ph.D.,

Director of Doctoral Studies, School for Conflict Analysis & Resolution, George Mason University

Terrence Lyons is an Associate Professor and Director of Doctoral Studies at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University. Lyons received his PhD from Johns Hopkins University, was a Fellow at the Brookings Institution, served as senior program adviser to the Carter Center in Ethiopia, and has taught as a Fulbright Senior Specialist at Addis Ababa University and Bahir Dar University.

His publications include: The Puzzle of Ethiopian Politics (2019) and Politics from Afar: Transnational Diasporas and Networks (2012). Recent articles include “Ethiopia: The 100% Election” in the Journal of Democracyand “The Importance of Winning: Victorious Insurgent Groups and Authoritarian Politics” in Comparative Politics.